Will You Vote for Me?

Hi loves,

I woke up today and said a prayer from A Course in Miracles. It goes like this: Holy Spirit, what would you have me do today, where would you have me go, what would you have me say and who would you have me say it to? Thy will be done.

Then, I forgot about it and went about my day. Often, I head quickly to a coffee shop to write, but today I lingered, made yummy food and enjoyed the sun from my porch.

Soon, I felt motivated to apply for this position as Host at It’s All About Women. I knew today was the day. As I prepared to create my video, I remembered my prayer.

I believe I am guided to the right people, places and events, and it happens most naturally when I surrender and remember that I am not in control.

This opportunity feels light and exciting and it came to me through a friend who said I would be great for it. I love when life flows that easily. I trusted him, and felt my immediate, yes. No matter the outcome, it’s a confirmation on my journey that there are exciting opportunities that can come to us easily. This may be a dream come true!

Remember, you can vote for me here by watching and liking my video. Thanks, friends!

May you be gently carried along your path in life, remembering you are not alone.

Rachel Claire

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