Judge Your Brother, if You Be Perfect

We must love our brother.

We can’t judge.

We don’t know.

Our version is but one version.

It’s not THE TRUTH.

Even Christ, on the cross, nails driven into his skin, his palms, his feet…

did not judge.

Had no judgment upon his brothers or his sisters.

Died willingly, if it must be their way…

Took it.

Sacrificial lamb for all to persecute.

A highly revered symbol for centuries, loved so greatly in his death

due to arise at any moment…

Even he, even he, the story goes, could not, would not, condemn you. So how can we condemn another lest we be perfect, without fault?

We’ve all done it, we’re all liars. Fess up and let your fellow brother OFF THE HOOK.

It is not about him, anyways, never was.


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