I Want to Share Something Taboo with You

ihmmc-fb-coverBeautiful Soul,

I want to share publicly something seldom talked about.  Something taboo.  Secretive.  Shameful for some of us. It’s something that we, as women, often try to hide.

Do I have your attention?

It’s about moon cycles, periods, menses — whatever you want to call it.  I’m sharing a free place where 28 female leaders, authors, entrepreneurs, and teachers will be talking about how their own cycles affect their work in the world.  Not to mention their relationships, and their overall view of themselves as empowered, embodied women.

This conversation is long overdue!

This free month-long online event is called “I {Heart} My Moon Cycle”.  My friend and colleague, Sara Avant Stover, is hostessing this event. In case you don’t know her, Sara is a yogini, women’s teacher and mentor, and the author of the best-selling book The Way of the Happy Woman.

This special, no-cost month-long online gathering is from February 18-March 17 and is designed to bring more awareness and acceptance of our cycles, from menarche to menopause.

This is important because as women, we should all be talking more about this than we are. Our bodies have different rhythms and cycles that we can harness in ways that you have probably never been taught…until now.

This is taboo stuff, ladies.  Let’s see if we can bring it into the mainstream, and take away the stigma.  Care to join me?

 Click here to find it.

It’s a serious subject, but Sara knows how to have some fun with it, too.  And you’ll get a lot of information that you can use in your own life and your own relationships.

Let’s lend our voices to an emerging women’s movement rooted in the deepest and most powerful parts of us.

With moon blessings,

Rachel Claire

P.S. “I {Heart} My Moon Cycle” culminates with a free online class and celebration on March 8, International Women’s Day where Sara will teaching what do to on the first day of your cycle (or on the New Moon if you’re not bleeding anymore).  This talk is tailed towards professionals, moms, and those women who are both! You can join that here too.

2 responses to “I Want to Share Something Taboo with You

  1. Thank you for sharing about the importance of acknowledging a women’s most creative and womanly force..our menstration. As a young woman I read different books ( If I remember right one was called The Curse) on this subject. Back then I studied mythology and was into goddess worship and I will tell you what I became proud to be a woman and proud of my miraculous body. I would call myself Unitarian Universalist now, carrying the divine feminine close to my heart. I look forward to visiting this online event..am very excited to reconnect!

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