Up the Ante in Your Life


Living our Best Lives Ever!

Lovely soul,

I am so excited to share with you today. There are inspiring experiences occurring! So many sisters and friends who are living their passions and have great information to share with all of us!

The first thing I want to share with you is about my dear friend, mentor and teacher, Sara Avant Stover. I spent a luxurious, rejuvenating and inspiring time in Tulum, Mexico, with Sara and 16 other beautiful sisters from all around the world.

Imagine this: I enter the gate to the hotel to find an open-air resort, sandy earth and palm trees. I slip off my flip-flops and guess what? I didn’t put those shoes back on again for eight days. Eight days! 

I got rooted and grounded in the earth in an enveloping way. Walks, swimming naked in silky waves, rising with the sun and watching it from the water, and breezy, coastal nights under a blanket of stars. Heaven. Oh, did I mention the fresh fruit and amazing fish? I kept thinking, “Wow, I really upped the ante on my life!”

To top it all off, I grounded myself in healing women’s yoga, a slower yin practice. Sara is a revolutionary teacher.

This month she launched, “I heart my moon cycle month” with the intention of removing the taboo on speaking out about our cycles. (February 18-March 17, 2013). This is truly groundbreaking work. It’s free, too. As women, we don’t talk about this enough!  Hear what 30 powerful feminine souls have to say about “that time of the month.” They represent all ages and seasons of life, and their stories sound similar to ours!  Join us at @Sara Avant Stover’s “I ❤ My Moon Cycle Month,”  here.

You see, I care a lot about this because I got clear down in Tulum, with the help of an incredible mentor and friend, Gail Larsen, that my message is about teaching women and our children about how to heal ourselves via education, yoga, energy work and healings.

If we move out our wounds from the past, bring our attention to the present moment and share honestly, we remove outdated energy that no longer serves.

The only place we can heal is in the present moment. Heal the spirit and the spirit heals the body. Part of our resistance to heal is the shame and guilt we harbor in our Chakras, or energy systems, about the areas of life that were taboo growing up. We must free ourselves up to bring the dark into the light. Together, we can heal.

In a nutshell, I’m all about embodiment and being present.

Energy readings, healings, yoga, and meditation are all introspective practices we can use to facilitate tremendous healing.Being an energy reader and healer is a powerful way I can assist you in being in your body, in the present moment, letting go of outdated energy that no longer serves, or keeps you from shining the fullness of your light.

See me to heal yourself and cultivate a practice of presence, embodiment, and being in touch with your personal power more fully than ever before. Click here to learn more about my services and how I can assist you to heal. 

After my return from paradise, it was time to get real about my business. I wanted a new way to plan, something creative, fun, and inspiring.

Leonie Dawson had just what I was looking for. Check out this awesome business planner. I love this spunky gal from down-under and I bet you will, too. Check her out here.

Shop here to see some of the other new products that I am offering on-line that support women entrepreneurs, like me, to share their gifts, make a difference for people, provide “green” products and earn passive income. We help each other and the earth. Everybody wins!

On a different note, I’m in month 9 of operation, leave teaching career, jump off cliff and see if net really does appear. I can’t say that I’ve seen a net per se, but I certainly haven’t hit rock bottom.

I am learning to walk in new moccasins, traversing unfamiliar ground, as I make my way each day.

It’s scary to not have the predictable, monthly paycheck, but the freedom to pursue my creative passions and true purpose is a blissful adventure, indeed! And, as an added bonus, my faith in God, my guides, the angels and a higher power have come to the forefront of my life.

Above all else, I’d say this is a spiritual journey, forcing me to get clear about the things that matter.

I’m clear that embodiment, upping the ante in our lives and taking spiritual leaps of faith to cultivate freedom and joy are what life is about. Together, we learn to love and relate better.

I couldn’t be on this journey without the love and support of my community. Thank you for reading this and showing your care.

To show my gratitude, I’d like to offer a new introductory rate.

For your first reading, you can try out my services with less of an investment upfront. You can schedule an hour-long reading for $80.00. That is $45.00 off of my regular rate. Or, you can schedule a thirty minute session for only $45.00. That’s $20.00 off my regular rate!

Click here to learn about my services, what I offer and how you can benefit from a reading and a healing session with me.

Email me here to schedule a session today!

From my heart to yours, thank you.

In love and light and lots of gratitude,

Rachel Claire

P.S. You can get started with embodiment and presence practices today with my free energy work videos designed to assist you with moving energy, clearing your space, being in your power and feeling lighter. Click here and begin healing yourself!

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