“Rachel welcomes you with her huge heart and puts you at ease the moment you begin speaking with her. She is truly talented, connected to spirit and deeply thoughtful. Our reading was spot on– she knew things that there is no way she’d know and she gave me great signs and guidance. I am hopeful for my future and plan to see Rachel more often. She truly is a gem!” ~Mary W. Denver, Co.

“I recently received a session from my friend, The Boulder Psychic Rachel Claire and was blown away by the potency of her abilities. I didn’t go in with a specific issue or question. I just intended to open my heart and receive the possibility of resonant messages with regards to this current phase of my life. And, that’s exactly what happened! Every comment she delivered resonated with me. Then, she facilitated some energy clearing and grounding to finish the session. This left me feeling extraordinarily clear and light. Thank you, Rachel!”~Lisa B. Denver, Co.

“I had a session today with Rachel and she was so spot on! I thoroughly enjoyed her reading and am so grateful she shares her gifts with the world. I feel so much closure around issues that had been weighing me down. I feel like I am now ready and wanting to move forward. My spirit feels so free after our session. Thank you so much Rachel! I am so happy our paths crossed again. Many Blessings and Much Love”~Lisa Henbest,

“I had an amazing session with Rachel Claire, The Boulder Psychic! I was pleasantly surprised by many of the insights Rachel shared with me. I was also given several tools and practices to work and play with that have already brought me noticeable positive results. Rachel was able to shed some light on many things that I’ve been searching for, and just hadn’t been able to see on my own. Overall, my reading with Rachel was an expansive and enriching experience. Immediately she set the tone when we began, giving an overview of what possibilities to expect. Throughout the reading Rachel made space for any questions I had, as well as checking in with me to see how I was resonating with the information she was sharing. My favorite part of our session was the Chakra balancing exercise Rachel guided me through! I could and can still feel an incredible difference from it, and I’m excited for all of the positive things that have already begun to change and shift, as well as for the ones to come! If you’ve been considering having a reading done, and are fortunate enough to know Rachel or have found her, I highly recommend experiencing Rachel Claire, The Boulder Psychic, for yourself!” – Harvey L. Denver, Co.

“There are many different energy workers and intuitive practitioners in the world. However, none that have I encountered exhibit such grace and poise as Rachel. Her readings are informative and encouraging. She is thorough and accurate. I came away from our session with a sense of wholeness and freedom. If you are seeking the same, I recommend setting up an appointment with her today. “~Rebecca M. Boulder, Co.

“Thank you so much for following your path to work with others in seeing theirs!
Your sincerity, passion, wisdom and intelligence all shone through last night.
Thank you for your heart, kindness, clarity and wise voice! I wish you the best of success in your life and hope to work/play with you again.” ~B. Y. Longmont, Co.

“Rachel Claire has a strong ability to connect and converse deeply with just about anyone, thus building trust for open candor, great empathy and compassion for other’s experiences, and she is an excellent listener! Oh, and she’s funny too!” ~Heidi N.

“Hi Rachel! First of all, your writing is so inspiring. My timing was perfect, as I saw one of my dear friends and someone I trust completely, “liked” your link, and I saw it out of the corner of my eye on FB…so I clicked too, and what happened next was incredible…I started reading a story almost identical to my own. My heart was blown wide open! It was your piece about how there is no stability in pursuing your bliss. It was AWESOME!” ~A. P. Denver, Co.

“I just felt compelled to write to let you know how much I am enjoying reading your writing. You are incredibly talented and very insightful and I am so glad you have shared your talents and journey with your Facebook community.” J. L.

“I’ve been following your blog posts and continue to thoroughly enjoy reading them. You ARE a talented writer, which is inspiring to myself and I’m sure others! I want you to know that I admire what you are doing, following your dreams, discovering what they are and who you are through them. I see how beautiful you and your perfect spirit are and I love you, support you, and can’t wait to see you flourish in this new and exciting direction you are moving! I admire your courage of letting go and GOING FOR IT!!!” ~A. K. Denver, Co.

“I just wanted to let you know how much your posts have helped me over the last few months. I identify with what you’re posting, and so often it’s right along the lines of something I’ve already been researching or talking with friends about. It’s very serendipitous. I thank you, I admire you, and I wish you well on your journey.” ~H. R.

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